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So Long, Farewell, Godspeed

About six or seven years ago (our records are unclear if it was late 2005 or early 2006), as part of a Vestry and clergy initiative to improve communications, we happened upon the idea of sharing the weekly Sunday morning printed “Announcements” sheet in – gasp! – electronic form, so they’d appear in people’s email inboxes each Friday instead of only being distributed in hard copy.   (Such innovators we were!) We also thought, “Well, as long as we’re sharing the Announcements each week, why don’t we also include a weekly inspirational message, written by me or one of the other clergy?”   And so –   thanks to the technological savvy and patience of Janine Wilson – thus was born “the e-Pistle of St. James’”. Since that time, I, with frequent pitch-hits from Pastor Mary and Reverend Kate – have written over 330 e-Pistles. With Sunday being my last Sunday as Rector of St. James’, I’m not only handing over the keys to the church and other symbols of my ordained ministry, I’m a