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Showing posts from September 4, 2012

"Photogratude," Day 1

With the start of my new ministry today as Rector of The Falls Church Episcopal , I thought I'd start something new on this blog. And that is to share " one photo and one attitude " that pretty much summarizes that particular day. I think I even coined a new term for it: " photogratude ." So -- no promises it'll be done every single day, but a promise I'll try on most -- here's today's photo and accompanying attitude: In case you can't make it out, the photo is me holding my new business card in front of my new, very empty office. The accompanying attitude is a thought that a friend and colleague emailed to me today. She said, "I hope you're having a good first day. I have no idea how you're feeling about your new job...but I've read this quote in Bill Johnson's new book a couple times and decided to send it to you. He says, ' When you're willing to do what you're unqualified to do, that'