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TFC E-vangelon

One of the things that people said they found helpful when I was Rector of St. James' was a weekly message I sent out, so now that I've caught my breath a tiny bit in my new position as Rector of The Falls Church Episcopal , I thought I'd carry that custom over. It doesn't seem right to keep using the name "e-Pistle," -- St. James' is still using that, and this is a new thing in a new place anyway, so I knew I had to come up with a new name. So...what do you think?...I landed on "TFC E-vangelon," which is a play on words on the "E" in "The Falls Church Episcopal" as well as the "e" in " evangelon " which is the Greek word for "good news." So here is my very first "TFC E-vangelon" -- let me know what you think of it. For today's "TFC E-vangelon," I want to share a line from the tiny little (and little-known) book (letter) in the Bible called Jude.  It's J