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Good News ain't no "Stewart Smalley Daily Affirmation" stuff: it's solid Biblical Theology

You know how every once in a while, when you're having a challenging week or a tough day, someone will send you, or you'll stumble on just the right word or phrase or thought-- some encouraging word that hits you like one of these cool late September breezes? Well not long ago, a colleague and friend of mine sent me a couple paragraphs from a book she's reading by the author Steve Backlund that did that for me: "'Good tidings of great joy' is the first thing that is said in the angelic announcement. "Let that sink in for a moment.   "The angel did not say, 'I bring you news of a teaching that I hope you can follow,' or, 'I bring you news that Jesus is coming; and boy, is he mad!' "No, the message was, 'It's time to celebrate! God is doing what you couldn't. He is making a way where there was no way. You are being saved from the curse, rejection, shame, punishment, poverty, sickness; an