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What Restaurant Waiters Can Teach Leaders: Toward a Vision for The Falls Church Episcopal

(If you're rea di ng t his from being re-directed from the Falls Church electronic newsletter and want to jump directly to the continuation of the article, just scr oll down to the w a iter illustration.)  Last Sunday, we heard about the miracle of Jesus’ turning water into wine at a wedding feast. These weeks we’re also hearing a lot from Paul about what it means for us to be a part of – a member of – a church, the body of Christ . And with last week being the Annual Meeting of the Falls Church Episcopal – the first such meeting back home – I want to share here some of the vision for the Falls Church Episcopal that I shared Sunday in my sermon and at the annual meeting. I started my sermon not so much on a serious theological note but by wondering aloud if Episcopalians – not known for opposing the use of alcohol, as opposed to Christians in some other denominations – are more inclined to be fond of the fact that Jesus’ first miracle in the Gospel of