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We Three Kings of bla bla bla...

With this Sunday being Epiphany Sunday (the 12th and final day of the season of Christmas), we hear the story of the Magi, or wise men, paying a visit on baby Jesus. Unfortunately, the story of the wise men visiting Jesus – like most of the Christmas story – has been simplified, romanticized, and domesticated. None of that is good. Here’s what I mean: The story of the wise men visiting Jesus has been simplified in most of our minds to the point where about all we picture is the image at the stable (which actually took place in a house, but that’s another matter) – you know, regal-looking figures bowing down before baby Jesus, holding out their little treasure chests. But that is only one of about five or six “scenes” in a longer, complex story involving astrology, the magi visiting the city of Jerusalem and asking around about “the King of the Jews,” King Herod summoning chief priests and scribes and then the wise men, then the travel to Bethlehem and then the visit, and ending with