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Protect Doctrinal Borders, or Shepherd People toward God?

On Sunday, we'll hear the story of Jesus teaching in the synagogue, and - just after being told that "many spoke well of him" and marveled at his words, as he continues to teach, the crowd turns on him. And I mean turns : based on what Jesus teaches, this adoring crowd is suddenly "filled with rage" and tries to throw him off a cliff! What would turn an adoring congregation into a murderous mob? Well, Jesus reminded them (or told them for the first time?) that God was bigger than their doctrine or teaching made him out to be.   But because this question of "doctrinal purity verses the expansiveness and mystery of God" is such an important and current issue, I'd like to share the meat of a fascinating essay I read about ten years ago.    The esssayist asks us to think for a moment about mathematical set theory. Bear with it, I think it's worth the longish read.   Because geometry is not exactly my strong suit