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Without Love, Your Influence is Zero (e + w + f + g) x l = i

A sermon preached the third Sunday in Epiphany (February 3, 2013) The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector The Falls Church Episcopal Falls Church, Virginia Listening to the reading from 1 st Corinthians 13, you may have wondered, for a second, if you’d stumbled into a wedding service this morning: We often hear this passage read at weddings, and for good reason: it has a lot to say about love. But in context of 1 Corinthians, and at root, it’s not so much about love as it is about the influence we have.    A little context: The city of Corinth was, at that time, one of, if not THE largest towns in Greece.             It was a very important seaport, a garrison town             it lay at a Strategic road-juncture                         it was the Capital of the roman province                                                 it was filled with a cosmopolitan crowd So “Corinth” back then was a kind of symbol… imagine taking the power struggles of Washington D.