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Ten Commandments Still Relevant?

The Ten Commandments are on my mind, partly because d uring the season of Lent, we hear the Ten Commandments read each Sunday at the very beginning of our service, and so they are a kind of “tone-setter” for our services for five weeks. Another reason I want to write about (and pr each on) the t he Ten Commandments is that I even though many people know what “the Ten Commandments” are in general – commandments that God gave Moses and the Jewish people – not many people are familiar with them... not many people r eally know them as things that are relevant or helpful in daily life . But – as I hope to do in my sermons this and next Sunday – I want to bring the Ten Commandments out of a dusty, ancient irrelevancy they have in many people’s lives into a fresh and very modern spiritual resource. Let me start here: If you were to ask most people what the first commandment is, what would they say? If they could remember it, they’d probably say “Do not have any other g ods but God.”