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My one sermon...and the Ten Freedoms

It's said that most preachers have only one sermon in them, and all sermons are really just a variation on that one theme . I don't know how true that is, but if it were true of me, my one sermon or theme would be,   "There's a God-shaped hole inside each of us that only God can fill, and 99% of human misery, loneliness, and trouble comes from trying to fill our God-shaped hole with someone or something other than God or - failing that - from trying to numb (or run away from) the pain caused by not filling our God-shaped hole with God."   I'd like to show how the three-part sermon series on the Ten Commandments (wrapping up this Sunday) is consistent with this one theme. So far the two major points I've made about the Ten Commandments are:   1) if we can follow the First Commandment, the other nine come easily, and 2) the first Commandment begins NOT with a commandment, but a reminder : "I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the l