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Runaway Humanity

W hen our children were lit tle, one of our favorite stories to read them was The Runaway Bunny .  At one level, the story is about a little bunny rabbit that keeps running away from its mother, and all the things his mother does to bring him back to her. But surely the story is about something else, too: i t’s not just a story about a rabbit and his mother.   Surely t his is a story about God, and all the different ways we human beings try to run away from God, and the things God does to bring us back to him.  Scripture teaches us that “God is love.” (1 John 4:8). It’s not just that God loves : God really is love… God is so much love that God just couldn’t keep it to himself. So that is at least part of the reason God created the world – not just any world, but this world, this beautiful world – the sky and the seas, fish and birds – and plants – God created those things as a way of expressing his love for us. But from the very beginning, we have t