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Easter Resolutions: Under New Management

Today, an introduction to a several-part series on "Easter Resolutions." I didn't make up the term - a quick Google search shows over 2,000 uses of it - but I like the idea of "Easter Resolutions." It seems that the most familiar or typical time to make resolutions is January 1st. And making New Year's Resolutions is understandable, because the start of a calendar year symbolizes an opportunity for a new start, and a fresh beginning. But I'll admit that I've never really gotten on board with New Year's Resolutions. The change from December 31 to January 1 just seems a little...what...arbitrary? -- and other than the fact that the number of the year we happen to be in has changed, there's really no underlying reason to make life changes. So New Year's Resolutions, at least for me, lack motivation...they lack a driving force behind the changes I want to make. The second most familiar or typical time to make re