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Toilet Paper

O ne of the things I did today was go to Costco and buy 300 rolls of toilet paper .   Here's the story of why:  O ne of the youth -- a twelve year old! -- at the church I serve, The Falls Church Episcopal, has a ministry, and that is to provide toiletries to the homeless who attend the monthly “ Welcome Table ” across the street at T he Falls Church Presbyterian Church. (This is th e same church that welcomed and gave space to T he Falls Church Episcopalians during the recent six year exile from our property, so there is a long and good relationship b etween our faith communities ).  The homeless gather for dinner at T he W elcome Table one Wednesday per month. A couple of years ago there were only twelve or so guest .  No w each month they have 200 folks or more attend . A s one part of the evening they are invited to go upstairs in groups of ten or so and pick a toiletry to take home : either  a roll of toilet paper, or a bar of soap, or a tube of toothpa