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Showing posts from May 16, 2013

When our hearts beat in rhythm with God's heart

It’s less than 24 hours since last night’s “Renewal of Ministries with the Welcoming of a New Rector” service, and so I’m still very much on a spiritual high from the evening. So for today’s E-vangelon, something a little different, and that’s first, to express my appreciation for all who did so much to make it such a wonderful event, and two, to share a part of the Rev. Mary Davila’s sermon from last night. First, the thanks: everything was fantastic, from: the tours of the historic buildings and grounds to  the amazing potluck supper – we had an HUGE crowd for that and so special thanks to the hospitality folks who quickly set up additional tables and chairs for the overflow, to all the communications and special publicity and signage, to the gracious administrative support for the worship service leaflets, to the beautiful music, to the warm hospitality of ushers and greeters, to the “continuing congregation” folk who agreed to let us thank you, to