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Those "can't-I-just-go-to-the-beach-and-stare-at-the-waves" feelings...

I had the good fortune of having a great mentor (The Rev. Andrew Merrow) in my first job in ordained ministry right out of seminary (at St. Mary's, Arlington). And of the many words of wisdom he passed on to me in my four-and-a-half years with him, there's one that I think about each year around this time:   "Early June is the most dangerous time of the church year."   What he meant by that is this: The first few weeks of June is the time of year when the church "program year" (and for teachers and students, the school year) is winding down. In most churches, the busy program year starts in September and then picks up steam and intensity, feeling as if we go from Labor Day to the Annual Giving Campaign-start-of-classes-and-programs-then-Advent-and-Christmas-oh my get ready for the Annual Meeting/Elections/retreat-and-Lent-Holyweek-Easter-omigodtimeforthebishop's-visit then all of a sudden it's sunday-school- teacher-appreciation-s