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Showing posts from August 16, 2013

Oncoming Litigation and Our Road Ahead

Earlier this week, leaders of The Falls Church-CANA decided to continue litigating the now seven-year long case of who owns Episcopal Church property, notifying their congregation that they now plan to appeal their case to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Virginia issued a unanimous ruling in favor of our Diocese and The Falls Church Episcopal and against the case of the so-called “break away” parish whose leaders attempted to claim Episcopal Church property as their own. It is all or part of that decision which is now being appealed. In response, I want to repeat, with some modifications, something I wrote about back in 2010, long before a call to serve as Rector of The Falls Church Episcopal was on my horizon, and then offer an observation about the way forward. I have long held a lot of respect for conservative parish leaders like my colleagues Tom Simmons (St. Peter’s, Purcellville) and John Sheehan (Our Redeemer, Aldie) and o