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A Simple Routine for Daily Prayer

Earlier this week, I was in conversation with a parishioner who asked if I had any suggestions for a basic structure or routine for daily prayer. When I gave her a photocopy of what I've been using the past several years, she said that there may be others who would find this resource helpful as well. So, with thanks to   Sacred Space (from which comes everything that is quotation marks), here it is: a modified version of what St. Ignatius of Loyola called "a daily examen." Step one: Recall that you are in the Presence of God. "What is present to me is what has a hold on my becoming. I reflect on the presence of God always there in love, amidst the many things that have a hold on me. "I pause and pray that I may let God affect my becoming in this precise moment." Step Two: Praying for Freedom       God is a God of freedom. Created in the image of God, we are meant to be free. "In these days, God taught me as