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It's not just a Cause: it's a Person

Lately I've been thinking again about something I'd read a few years ago: Think for a moment of someone you admire. It might be a political figure whose cause excites you. It might be a prominent businessperson, or a doctor or lawyer whom you respect. Think of some person whom you look up to. Have him or her in mind? Now imagine that person calling you up on the phone and asking you to get together for lunch someday. Just the two of you. At that lunch, he or she invites you to be part of an important and noble project that he or she wants to start. He or she wants YOU to be part of it, involved in it. Begin to let that thought play around in your mind, as a way of preparing you to think and respond to Jesus' call to the fishermen. Here's the point: It is not just a cause that stirs us. It is a person. Years ago, I heard about a talk given on stress at a management institute at Harvard Business School. It was about how executives an