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After One Year at The Falls Church, thoughts on Seven Characteristics of a Christ-centered Church

It was exactly one year ago I joined The Falls Church Episcopal as its Rector, and what a true joy and pleasure these past 12 months have been for me. I knew coming into this position that The Falls Church Episcopal is a congregation that is welcoming, gracious, dedicated, and generous. And yet I have been surprised - repeatedly stunned, actually - by how much so. "Welcoming" has meant embracing ; "gracious" has meant forbearing and future-focused ; "dedicated" has meant untiring devotion to our new story, and "generous" has mean giving the way God gives : abundantly and without condition. What a joy to be grafted into this faith community.   It is also a congregation - at least for the "continuing congregation" of folks who chose not to leave the Episcopal Church in the 2006-2007 time frame -- that has been through a tough and tumultuous (but also richly rewarding) time, having been exiled from their prop