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Broken Record

I just ran across this poem in a collection of readings titled " Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits ,"and wanted to pass it on, because I figure if it struck a deep chord in me, it might in others... Broken Record Grandparenting God, You see our sin as symptomatic stutter, self-effacing struggle to ignore the confounding reality of Your willful vulnerability: "I love you because I can't do anything else. I made you, every last part of you: all that's hidden and all that's revealed, all that's muddled and even all that's clear. You are, at the risk of repeating Myself, dear to Me. You are precious in My eyes because... just because you are Mine. That's enough for Me. And it will have to do for you. Wrestle with it until you get tired and then relax and give in. Take a deep breath and enjoy." --Michael Moynahan, SJ