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Advent Purists are well-intentioned Killjoys

I consider myself a "recovering Advent purist."   What I mean by that is I used to be on board with the custom in the Episcopal Church that Advent -- the four week season leading up to Christmas -- should be a "mini-Lent" season of preparation.   The lessons assigned in the lectionary push this understanding of Advent, with their focus on the second coming of Christ: oddly, they hardly ever make mention of the "first coming," namely, all the events leading up to Jesus' birth that first Christmas.  Advent purists (as I used to be) steadfastly refuse to put up Christmas decorations at home during most of December, roll their eyes at Christmas music being played at the malls, and refuse to allow the congregation to sing anything from the "Christmas" section of the hymnal until after December 24.   Advent purists are well-intentioned killjoys.   There's a brief little seasonally-adjusted prayer called a "proper prefa