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You cannot out-give God...

In last Sunday's sermon, I was trying to make a point that we, as human beings, are never really independent, but are rather hard-wired to be de pendent.   At the most basic level, we're dependent on the process called photosynthesis -- each time we breathe, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. And therefore you and I are completely dependent on the fact that plants basically reverse the process, "inhaling" our carbon dioxide and producing or "exhaling" the oxygen we need.    And think about the food you ate today: Unless you are yourself a farmer or a prolific gardener, you are dependent for your survival on farmers to grow that food, producers to produce it, and on truckers and highway infrastructure systems to have gotten it to the stores where you bought it.  Whether we like it or not, we are dependent.    And, as people created in the image of God -- who is one Being while also a relationship of Fath