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When Jesus' tough sayings don't sound like "good news"

The gospel reading on Sundays always concludes with the reader saying "The Gospel of the Lord" which means "The good news of the Lord." And the congregation always responds "Thanks be to God."   Well, this Sunday's gospel contains a number of Jesus' "tough sayings," with Jesus zeroing right in on the heart of several matters of human behavior: murder, adultery, divorce, and lying. We'll hear Jesus' teaching that managing to avoid actual physical murder, actual physical adultery, actual literal lying, or managing to divorce for the right legal reasons does not give any of us a leg to stand on. Rather, he sets the bar a lot higher, focusing on the anger, lust, and other intentions we carry with us 24/7.   In case this image is copyrighted, here's where I found it: When the Gospel sayings are as tough as they are this Sunday (" if you say, 'you