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Prayers Answered?

Years ago, I was in a conversation with a bride at whose wedding I was going to officiate, who was planning a big  outdoor reception in the back yard of a historical property...there were to be elegant tables, seating ten people each, and there were thirty five of those tables.   They were not allowed to set up tents outdoors, and so when the bride was asked, "what will you do in case of rain?" she said, well, "we'll have to cram 350 guests into a space meant for 150, and they'll eat off their laps, and we'll make the best of it." But this bride was praying - and I mean praying - for good weather. Now I'm not preaching this Sunday - long ago we arranged for The Rev. Gideon Pollach, Head Chaplain at Episcopal High School, whom you will find to be a delight! - to be a guest preacher and teacher of Adult Forum.  But some thoughts have come together this week that I'd like to share here.   The first is the Old Testament lesson ap