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Your Heart

Today, something a bit different: as a way of reflecting on this Sunday's gospel passage (Jesus' encounter with a woman at a well), I want to share a fantastic passage from the Christian writer John Eldredge's book The Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God : "This may come as a surprise to you: Christianity is not an invitation to become a moral person. It is not a program for getting us in line or for reforming society. It has a powerful effect upon our lives, but when transformation comes, it is always the aftereffect of something else, something at the level of our hearts. And so at its core, Christianity begins with an invitation to desire. "Look again at the way Jesus relates to people. There is the Samaritan woman Jesus meets at the well. She has come alone in the heat of the day to draw water, and they both know why. By coming when the sun is high, she is less likely to run into anyone. You see, her sexual lifestyle has earned her a "rep