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Work Addiction

On the (risky) assumption that "that which is most personal is most universal," today I'd like to share some personal observations and insights about work, tiredness, and rest. First, work . Work is addictive.   Especially if, like me, you like and enjoy your work, and find it meaningful and rewarding, it can be addictive.   We tend to think of "addicts" as people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. And while those are serious addictions, I'll bet they are not as common an addiction as work is. However, many of us are "addicted to work" to such a degree that if that same addiction were to drugs or alcohol, our families, friends, and work colleagues would not tolerate it. They'd insist we seek help and get into recovery. But those kinds of interventions don't often happen with our addiction to work. I suspect that's mostly because our addiction to work (at least now, in the United States) is not only socially