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Easter, in Context

Easter Sunday Sermon (April 20, 2014) The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector, The Falls Church Episcopal, Falls Church Virginia Context. Context is so important: Maybe you’ve heard the Old Minnie Pearl story told about a farmer involved in a truck accident. He went to court and sued the other driver for damages. And the lawyer for the other driver put this farmer on the witness stand and cross-examined him and said, "Now isn't it true that right after the accident you said, 'I feel fine'?" The farmer said, "Well, it's not that simple. You see I was driving my cow to town in the back of my truck and this fella came drivin' across the center line..." And the lawyer said, "Wait a minute, we don't want to hear a long involved story. We're in the middle of trial here. Answer the question 'yes or no'. Did you or did you not say immediately after the accident, 'I feel fine'?" And the farmer said, "W