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Church is Boring, Rote, or Irrelevant? And God Never Is?

We started this series on the Holy Spirit with a reminder that the Holy Spirit is a person, and should not be reduced to merely a thing or a feeling.   Last week we were reminded of Richard Hauser, S.J.’s point that to the extent that we are open to the movement of the Spirit within us, we will be able to fulfill what many believe to be the point of Christian spirituality. Namely, we will better be able to imitate Jesus, love and do the Father's will, and love and serve our neighbors. Some of you might be wondering why we’re spending the whole summer considering the Holy Spirit. Part of the reason is that for too many people – perhaps for you at times – Christianity or church is boring, or rote, or irrelevant to their daily lives. Here’s the problem with that: go through the Bible and look up every encounter that a human being has with God – whether with God directly, or with one of God’s angels/messengers, or with Holy Spirit, or with God-made-flesh in Jesus – and