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Showing posts from September 5, 2014

Intimacy and Transcendence. And Ministry Fairs.

Every once in a while, the cosmic roulette wheel of “what I happen to be reading” lines up with the ball drop of “what I happen to be wrestling with.”   Like this past week: What I happened to be reading was a selection of readings taken from Eugene Peterson’s Subversive Spirituality , and it lined up with what I happened to be wrestling with, which was this Sunday’s annual Ministry Fair.   Peterson writes that unfortunately, American culture has all but been reduced to thing and function . “Typically,” he writes, “at the outset, people are delighted to find themselves living in such a culture.  It is wonderful to have all these things coming our way, without having to worry about their nature or purpose.  And it is wonderful to have this incredible freedom to do so much, without bothering about relationships or meaning.  But after a few years of this, our delight diminishes as we find ourselves lonely among the things and bored with our freedom. Our first response is