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A Simple Way to Avoid Religious Hypocrisy

In Sunday’s gospel, we hear Jesus’ story, or parable, about a man who has two sons . The man approaches his first son and says, “Go work in the vineyard today.” That son rudely tells his father “no” – he’s not going to do it. Says he won’t work. Refuses. But later, he changes his mind and goes. He actually does go work in the vineyard. The father goes to his second son and says the same thing: “Go work in the vineyard today.” The second son is very polite, and agreeable. He says “yes, sir!” But he doesn’t do what he’d been told to do.  He doesn’t actually go do anything.   Then Jesus – the one telling the story, asks – “so, what do you think? Which of these two did the will of the father?” The answer, of course is the son who actually did what he’d been told to do . The person who is obedient is not the one who says all the right things, believes all the right things, or has all the right intentions. According to Jesus, the person who is obedient to God the Fath