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Maybe You Hadn't Thought About Giving This Way Before...

In a letter going out in the mail next week to all those who contribute financially to The Falls Church Episcopal, we'll be asking folks to step up their financial support. But first, there's an important question for any church-goer to ask him or herself: Do you know what proportion, or percentage, of your income you give back to God in thanksgiving?   Many people do not know: they simply put cash in the offertory plate or write checks Sunday by Sunday without ever figuring out how much they actually end up giving to the church over the course of a year. Take a minute and do the math: how much do you give back over a year? And what percentage of your annual income is that number ? If that number - that percentage - is not already a tithe (giving ten percent of whatever comes into your pocket back to God in thanksgiving), do yourself, your family, your church, and the wider community a great service and commit to doing so for the remainder of