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This Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving Day is a favorite holiday for many people. I suspect a big reason is the simplicity of Thanksgiving. Yes, the consumer orgy called "Black Friday" is spreading into Tuesday and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, and even into Thanksgiving Day itself. (Which really is obscene, if you think about it for a minute: the one day set aside to give thanks for what we already have, we go out and buy more of what we don't have?! Ugh.) But for most of us, Thanksgiving Day remains, for the most part, a day for the simple joy of getting together with family or friends for a meal. Even if your way of observing the day involves stress - travel, complicated recipes, or customs you've added or inherited - chances are the day itself is one of simple pleasures: cooking, eating, relaxing, watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and/or football, catching up. This Thanksgiving Day, I hope you'll stop at some point and do what the day calls us to do: give thanks. (It mig