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Do Not Be Afraid: Where Calm Confidence Comes From

(Re-posting a sermon today from 2010, because something/one prompted me to...) Today I have a very simple question to ask. The question is, “where does calm, joyful confidence in God’s care come from? – how can we get it, make it our own?” As far as that question is concerned, in some ways we’re picking up from where we left off a few weeks ago: You may recall on All Saints weekend, we were looking at the Beatitudes, and we looked at the notion of beautitudo, (beatitude), and I suggested the best definition for “blessed” is “ a condition of life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of your outward conditions .” [1] I said I think we’ve all tasted that at one point or another in our lives. Even if it’s just for a fleeting moment, we’ve had a sense that all is well…a powerful sense of bliss. (We have this giant tire swing in our back yard – literally a truck tire tied to a rope on a branch two stories high. My daughter Elizabeth, who i