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Ever Watch a Waitress Carry Coffee? Vestry Vision as an Antidote to Political Polarization

This Sunday , January 11th starting at 10:00 a.m. sharp in the Fellowship Hall , is the A nnual Congregational Meeting of The Falls Church Episcopal. During the meeting, parishioners will hear important updates on our finances, property and legal case, ministries, and vision. One of the most important things that happens during the Annual Meeting is the election of new vestry members . It's a good sign of growth and vitality that we have more people standing for election to vestry than there are positions. Can didate's bios (now with photos) on our website by clicking here .  For those of you unfamiliar with Episcopal Church polity, a Vestry is the governing board of an Episcopal Church, comprised of lay persons elected by the congregation at the annual meeting. Vestries have four primary responsibilities. The first two are managerial or administrative: the Vestry is responsible for taking care of parish