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"I am the Lord Your God Who...."?

They say most preachers only have one or two sermons in them, and all the rest are just variations or a running commentary on those one or two sermon themes. Not very flattering. But guilty as charged. I think I have two sermons: the first is, "There's a God-shaped hole inside each of us that only God can fill, and 99% of human misery comes from our trying to fill our God-shaped hole with someone or something other than God -- or failing that, from trying to numb or busy ourselves away from the discomfort caused by not being filled with God." My "other sermon" is one you'll hear a variation on again this Sunday, because it comes from the Old Testament lesson that's appointed for Sunday. And that's this: "If we can follow the First Commandment, the other nine come easily -- and the first commandment starts out not with a prohibition, but a reminder: that the Lord God is a god of freedom.