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Showing posts from May 13, 2015

Second-guessing Things Said in Sermons

I haven't heard other preachers talk about this before, so maybe it's just me, but... Sometimes -- such as this past Sunday -- I will say something in a sermon that I start to second-guess afterward.  I'm not referring to something I've said in a sermon extemporaneously , because I rarely preach something I haven't written out. (In so doing, I try to follow Karl Barth's advice that preachers should write out and then memorize their sermon, "and not leave it up to the Holy Spirit (or some other spirit!) to inspire the words.") And in saying I sometimes second-guess something I've preached, I'm not saying I regret saying it. (I more often regret the things I don't say...but that's a topic for another time.)   No, I'm referring to those times when on Monday or Tuesday, I start second-guessing something I've said in a sermon because what I've said is so head-shakingly good news it's hard to believe. Diffi