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This is the moment, this past Saturday afternoon, they did something you normally don't want someone to do, which is to open the door of an airplane at 10,000 feet above ground:   As part of the on-ground training, they instruct you, when you get to this point in the jump, to keep your hands in the "safety position," which involves grasping little loops near your chest. They are VERY clear about this in the on-ground training. They even make you practice it.  But it turns out that when a door of a plane pops open at 10,000 feet above ground, your instincts take over and you start trying to grab at something. Anything. I guess we're hard-wired not to willingly fall out of airplanes. So the professional who you are wearing on your back slaps your hand, and you remember your training, and you grab your little loops. He swings his legs out, which means you swing your legs out. Because you're spooning.  A few moments later,  feelings of vertigo m