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Putting our Faith in the God of Surprises

A sermon preached June 14, 2015 The Reverend John Ohmer, Rector, The Falls Church Episcopal, Falls Church, Virginia 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 This is the second of a three part sermon series leading up to next Sunday, when we hear the David and Goliath story. Last Sunday, we pulled the lens way back to see David’s story in context of the people Israel, being ruled by judges and prophets but finding themselves surrounded by political and military enemies, insisting on having a King appointed over them so they could be like other nations. Last week I made the point that God saw their desire for a king as symbolizing their rejection of God as their ruler and protector, making the wider point that among the many choices we made in life and each day, we choose what, or who to put our trust or faith in: will it be the good, and even God-given “cardboard boxes” of Kings – political leaders human mentors and heroes, education, money in the bank/financial security, a strong milit