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Letting Go, Holding On

High school graduation season.  It's a delightful disruption to the schedule, as our friends' children graduate and we attend their parties, and as we prepare to host our own tomorrow morning after daughter Elizabeth graduates.  A recurring theme at high school graduation parties is photo displays. Here's the rough, first stab at a layout...although Elizabeth hasn't seen it yet, so it's prior to the "Dad, please don't put that out there!" screening and editing process.   High school graduation photo displays are a rare chance to celebrate a loved one; to celebrate a life still very much being lived. On the table is a photo I took of Elizabeth about 18 minutes of age:  And another photo of her about 18 years of age, looking as young-adultish as ever: but my favorite -- the Elizabeth that is kind of frozen in my mind and heart and head -- is the one where she's holding on:  High school graduation accentuates the proc