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David and Goliath, and Your Goliath

This Sunday, I'm wrapping up a three-part sermon series based on the David story found in I Samuel. Two Sundays ago, we heard about Israel's insisting, over the prophet Samuel's warnings, that they should have their own King (King Saul). Last Sunday, we heard about the anointing of the young shepherd boy David as Israel's second King, despite the fact he was the youngest (and least likely) of many older brothers, and despite the fact that at the time of David's anointing, Saul was still King. We also looked at how we can put our faith in the God of Surprises .  This Sunday we get the to the actual David and Goliath story . I have a working title for the sermon based on a popular saying: "Don't Just Tell God How Big Your Problems Are: Tell Your Problems How Big Your God Is."  Take a close look at this illustration: Imagine yourself as David. Smaller, un-armed. No military experience. You're facing a giant of a soldier, who IS experienced