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"Independence" and Long Fireworks

This Saturday is the 4th of July, a day on which people all over the United States will watch long fireworks displays as part of their Independence Day celebrations. So today I want to share some thoughts about fireworks and the idea of "independence." First, fireworks: if you think about it, fireworks displays are really nothing more than a long series of explosions. But that seems to be a really good metaphor for "independence." They need to be long , because the fight for "independence" is long. We designate July 4th as Independence Day because it's the date in 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the document called "Declaration of Independence," but two other more important dates came a year earlier -- April 19, 17 75 -- when the Revolutionary War started at Lexington and Concord,  and much later -- September 3, 17 83 -- when the Treaty of Paris was signed, formally ending the Revolutionary War.That's over eight yea