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Moving to Falls Church...

I'm thrilled to say that thanks to lots of pro bono work by parishioner project manager extraordinaire Kees Dutilh , vestry member/architect Matt Lee , and parishioners Dee and Bill Thorton , not to mention the substantial financial investment by the Diocese of Virginia , work on restoring and renovating the church-owned house (Rectory) of The Falls Church Episcopal is nearly complete. I'm even more thrilled to say that (assuming all goes according to plan), this means we'll move to Falls Church next Friday, July 31! For the past three years, as part of my original agreement with the vestry of The Falls Church when I was first called as its Rector in 2012, I've been commuting from Leesburg. We've lived there since 1999; that's where we've raised all three of our children. But now that daughter Elizabeth, our youngest, has graduated high school and is (in mid-August) heading off to college, we're able and ready to make the move into Falls Chu