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Zen and the Art of Traffic

Yesterday, we moved to the city of Falls Church. That means that last week, my three years of driving 40+ miles each way (8,000+ miles a year just in getting back and forth from Leesburg to Falls Church!) have ENDED. I'm grateful  to the vestry (church governing board) and my work colleagues who have been flexible and understanding the past three years. To celebrate the end of commuting -- with apologies to Robert Persig , and to real Zen practitioners, and to people who have even longer and worse commutes which they are still doing -- today I thought I'd offer a lighthearted list of... My Top Insights Gained from Commuting, or... Zen and the Art of Traffic:    Insight #1)  Just Like in Politics, if you Want Peace of Mind, Avoid the Far Right and the Far Left.  If you're driving on a multi-lane highway, avoid the far right and the far left lanes -- that's where most of the crazy, unpredictable, and even dangerous stuff happens. In traffic (and politics)