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The Best Posture of this Country

A sermon preached September 6, 2015 The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector The Falls Church Episcopal Falls Church, Virginia James 2:1-17 Mark 7:24-37 In case you’re confused by the service leaflet, where it says Kelly is supposed to be preaching today, well, she was, and she was planning to. But yesterday she came down with the stomach flu, and of course we encouraged her to stay home until she’s 100%.   (And to think I came this close to getting out of having to preach on a couple of very tough passages …) (Kelly’s sermon, by the way, was written well ahead of time and is, as we have already come to expect, excellent. And inspiring – I was inspired reading it.* Hard copies are available, and will be made available on line.)   What you’re going to get from me today is a little different than a normal sermon. Today I want to tell you a story – a bit of my own family history -- and then read you a poem. And then show you how I think that story and the poem rela