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We are simply asked

(Edited from original post) Twenty or more years ago, someone gave me what has become my favorite prayer/poem. It was written by the Jesuit* priest Peter Byrne, and it's this: We are simply asked to make gentle our bruised world to tame its savageness to be compassionate of all (including ourselves) then in the time left over to repeat the Ancient Tale and go the way  of God's foolish ones. I've also seen the prayer/poem in a different version, with the words "...from these ministries of justice and care" added after "in the time left over," but that always felt a little clunky to me. I often wondered if those words had been added, because they seem to break up what is otherwise a nice rhythm to the poem. So three or four years ago, when I asked Mary, as my birthday present, to splurge on commissioning calligrapher Michael Podesta to write up the prayer/poem as something I could frame, I decided to research the prayer/poem.