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Protect territory, or shepherd direction?

Around 2003, when the split in the Episcopal Church was heating up over the election of an openly gay priest as Bishop of New Hampshire, I ran across an odd but fascinating essay about mathematical "open and closed set theory" by the blogger Steve Collins. His essay -- all that is in quotes below, as well as the illustrations, are from it -- offered a helpful explanation not only of what was going in the Episcopal Church at the time, but also in the wider culture now. I plan to say more during Sunday's sermon, but here's a peek: " Closed set believers  have a ' territorial ' concept of God's kingdom," Collins writes. To them, God's kingdom, or favor, is enclosed within a boundary, and "Once you are inside the territory, care must be taken not to cross the boundary again." Open set believers , on the other hand, define membership by  movement  toward or away from Jes