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Showing posts from October 21, 2015

The Kingdom of God, Shifting Perspectives

A parishioner recently shared this video, titled "Assumptions."  It only takes 43 seconds to watch: As soon as I watched it, I said, "well, THAT'LL preach! Here's what I mean: one of the most important roles of Christian faith is to help us shift our perspective. What if 20 minutes spent daily in prayer caused us to have these 43-second shifts in perspective all day long, every day? What if daily bible reading helped us realize, over time, that that which seems large and looming in life may, in fact/God's Kingdom/reality, be quite small? And that which seems remote and insignificant may, in fact/God's Kingdom/reality quite large? What if current events were the "forced perspective" of the chair? What if acts of service to others were the second cup and saucer?