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Advent: a season of JOY-full anticipation

This Sunday -- the Third Sunday in Advent -- is traditionally called " Gaudete  Sunday or "Rejoice" Sunday. As it should be: Advent,  I've long argued , should be observed NOT  (as the lectionary would have us do) primarily  as a  penitential  season anticipating the  second coming of Jesus. Rather, Advent should primarily be a joyful  season anticipating our annual celebration of Jesus'  first  coming on that first Christmas.  That is why we ( The Falls Church Episcopal ) slightly modifies (with the Bishop's permission, I hasten to add) our lectionary during Advent.  Accordingly, we get to hear the remarkable stories of  the angel  Gabriel's annunciation to Mary  and  Mary's visitation to Elizabeth , Mary's  Magnificat   song of praise and  As on this Sunday -- the remarkable story of God's interrupting Joseph's all-too-human, all-too-uninspired plans   to "dismiss her quietly"  as a way of preparing our hearts