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Slaying Your Goliaths

I'm super excited to say that yesterday (January 7th),   Forward Movement , a publisher best known for Forward Day by Day, a daily devotion providing meditations on scripture readings, has started marketing my first book! The purpose of the book is to make the Bible -- specifically the David and Goliath story -- real. I wrote it to be a practical, "God-help" book (as opposed to a "self-help" book) that helps readers see how God can help them, like David in his battle with Goliath, overcome their seemingly impossible odds. Two, while I share, in the book, some of my own my own personal struggles to face and overcome various "Goliaths" in my life, it's also very much a book about the faith community I currently serve as Rector: The Falls Church Episcopal . Almost every chapter features "sidebar" stories about the giants this faith community has faced in its recent history. When I first started writing the book, I hadn't intended