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What would turn an adoring congregation into a murderous mob?

In Sunday's gospel, Jesus reads some scripture, says a few words, and an adoring crowd suddenly turns into a murderous mob. What would turn an adoring congregation into an angry mob? Some of you may remember I shared with you an essay that I had run across, which asks us to think for a moment about mathematical set theory. You remember in geometry what "sets" are: sets are groups of things that belong together.  A "closed set" is defined by a border, a line . Everything that is inside the line, border, or boundary belongs to the set. All that is outside the line, border or boundary does not belong. An "open set" however, does not have a boundary - it is not defined by a line or a border. Rather,  an open set is defined by a thing's relationship with the center . All that is moving toward the center belongs; all that is moving away from the center does not. In open set theory, you can still determine what belongs in the set and